A Letter from ILFAPA's

Hello everyone!

The ILFAPA is looking for people that are willing to open up their hearts and their homes to take in a young child or teenager. The ILFAPA is asking you to become a Foster, Adoptive, or Guardianship Parent. Whether, you sign up with DCFS or a Private Agency we need you to help us in the everyday struggles of life that our youths are facing. Some never had a hug or been told, “I love you”. Therefore, we are asking for good people and homes to keep our youth out of shelters, hospitals, off street corners, and out of jail. Some of these children just need to know that someone is out here to care for them and is willing to listen to what they have to say. The ILFAPA is getting the word out to all those who Dare to Care!

– Gladys Boyd, ILFAPA President